What do credit reports mean?

CompanyWall's credit report is an accurate and reliable online set of business information needed to make business decisions in today's marketplace. CompanyWall offers clients the largest database of business entities in Southeast Europe (Montenegro, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Slovenia). Our best recommendation is tens of thousands of our active clients .

Financial statements are intended for all businessmen who want a quick and easy insight into reliable and concise data about their business environment. Just a few mouse clicks provide a clear and accurate report on the business of your customers, potential associates and competitors. The reports contain everything you need to create a true picture of the business of the companies you are interested in, as well as to determine from a distance how you can improve your business.

Credit report is delivered to you in PDF format which also represents your portfolio - a set of all representative qualifications of your business, which you can present to your business partners and associates.

With our data, become smarter, because it is the only investment that cannot fail! CompanyWall credit report

CompanyWall Smart Data

CompanyWall business credit report contains data that can be divided into:

  • Company information - name, contact, management, legal form, real estate owned, active mortgages and more
  • Ownership structure - ultimate owner structure, ownership interests, timeline changes
  • Financial data - balance sheets, operating income and short-term and long-term liabilities and receivables, analysis of financial position with stability parameters, tax liabilities, bills of exchange and pledges
  • Accounts and blockades - active accounts, time spent in blockade, payments from abroad
  • Credit Rating - The current credit rating consists of a static rating obtained by crossing the most significant indicators from the annual report and a dynamic rating that varies depending on the environment, business decisions and circumstances. It shows the success of your interaction with unforeseen business challenges, ie. your business intelligence.
    Capacity for credit rating shows the possibility of advancing to a higher credit rating with CW consultations
  • Court proceedings - Number of disputes, standing to bring proceedings, value of disputes and archive of judgments
  • Graphic - Financial data analysis, financial and business ups and downs shown on the timeline
  • Competition - List of all companies engaged in the same activity, the most successful and most unsuccessful companies engaged in the same activity in the UK and in the Southeast Europe, as well as data on their business
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CompanyWall Credit Report - The Future of Business

Credit report allows people and organizations to achieve more. It used to be used to monitor results in order to set goals for the future. Today, that focus has changed significantly, clients no longer set goals with credit reports but largely predict future steps.

Internet access and the technological revolution have given us more ways to get to know customers and understand their behavior. Our task until yesterday to find the right information, today is not to get lost in it.

CompanyWall is here to help clients take control of the data they have, identify the strengths and weaknesses of the areas they explore and in this way, they improve the use of data in order to expand the business, achieve safer cooperation and more productive monitoring of competition.

CompanyWall credit ratings are applied not only to make safer decisions and analyze the business of competitors and associates in the previous period, but also to assess the future business. The purpose of these reports is the faster business expansion and maximum optimization of resource use.

Modern business is ready to undergo dramatic transformations led by events that were in the domain of science fiction only a few decades ago. Let our algorithms find and logically cross-reference data for you and provide you with instant access to information that is very difficult or completely impossible to find through an internet search.

We listen carefully how the market breathes, we know what your needs , interests and expectations are. CompanyWall bonitetni izveštaj USB
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Credit rating

A set of standardized data that covers the complete business of a business entity

Financial assistant of the credit rating company CompanyWall

Financial assistant

Complete insight into the company’s financial data in order to distinguish reliable partners from unreliable ones

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Creditworthiness rating report

Simple and precise insight into the most important data regarding company's business

Certificate of creditworthiness excellence - CompanyWall Business

Certificate of credit excellence

Certificate of the credit rating agency CompanyWall on the success of the company and its safe operation