The owner of the portal and the name CompanyWall business (hereinafter: Portal) is CompanyWall Ltd.,UNITS 15&16 WENLOCK ROAD London (hereinafter: the owner)

The terms of use of the CompanyWall business web portal (hereinafter: SPU) govern the relations between CompanyWall Ltd. and portal users. 

Basic concept

"Pricelist" determines the prices of the services of the owner which he charges for using the services on the portal.

The "demo use" is temporarily assigned to the user for the purpose of testing the portal. This is a temporary, contract-free, full-access portal for the owner.

"Full Portal Access" is access for a user who has registered after ordering a service.

"Restricted Portal Access" is access for unregistered users and contains "basic information".

"Basic Information" is information available to all users, registered and unregistered (that is, basic business information).

"Provided Service" is a full-service portal with a username and password.

"User" is a natural or legal person who uses the Services of the Portal and fully complies with the General Terms of Use.

Access to the portal

The owner is responsible for the maintenance of the portal, so that under normal conditions the portal is accessible to all users, 24 hours a day, every day of the year. The owner reserves the right, in case of emergency maintenance (eg replacement of equipment, etc.), to have a short-term inability to access the portal. The owner will endeavor to resolve such a deadlock as soon as possible.

In case of difficulties in using the portal, users with full access are obliged to report the problems to the owner so that he can correct them immediately.

Limited access to the portal is available to all users free of charge.

Limited access to the portal, which is free of charge, is possible at any time, anywhere and with multiple devices at the same time.

Full access to the portal with all features and information, unless otherwise agreed, can only be used from one account at a time.

Protection of personal data

The owner processes personal data in the business with the user, which in the course of that business the user has given to him and has given permission for their use.

The owner processes the personal data of the user in accordance with the regulations on personal data protection.

The owner uses, stores and processes personal information of the user for the purpose of contacting the user regarding the provision of the services offered by the portal, for the purposes of surveys regarding the portal services and for telemarketing purposes.

Registration procedure on the portal

In case the user wants full access to the portal, he must register and wait for the call center of the owner to contact him, who will then arrange everything.

In the case of demo use, the user is granted temporary restricted access, agreed with the owner.

In the case of full access ordering, activation by the owner is treated as a "service provided", on the basis of which the owner issues the invoice to the user in the agreed amount and in accordance with the owner's price list.

Policy of fair use of financial services CompanyWall business

If you have access to the CompanyWall business financial assistant, our fair use policy applies to you.

  1. Why do we have this policy?

The fair use policy is created to ensure the speed and reliability of CompanyWall business at all times and for all users.

Some users use our CompanyWall business platform for mass downloading of data, which slows down the system and makes it difficult for others to view and use the program effectively.

Although this depends on a number of circumstances, if you export data continuously or in the long term, or generate 600 or more business views in one month, we consider that you have achieved an above-average pageview.

  1. What happens if a user's monthly views are very high?

If you reach a very high volume of searches from time to time, it is unlikely that CompanyWall business will have any problems, unless such use becomes regular and consistent. In this case, we will contact you to help you find a way to reduce the number of views on the CompanyWall business platform or assign you a special user account for an additional fee.

If you continue to generate too many searches after this, we will contact you again. If despite our best efforts to assist you, your usage remains too high, we reserve the right to reduce or restrict your searches, or, as a last resort, suspend your use of our services or even disable your account.

Of course, it is in the common interest that such restrictions do not occur, and we will do our best not to apply such measures.

Other terms of use

The information, free and paid, that the user receives on the portal may be used solely for personal use. Any further processing or mass collection of data is not permitted. It is forbidden to download data from the portal and use it without permission of the owner. In the event of violation of these provisions, the owner may terminate the user access to the portal via IP address by revoking his username and password.

Likewise, it is not allowed to collect or download data obtained from Companies House (publication of annual reports).

The information is intended solely for end users and is not allowed to be passed on to third parties.

Accuracy of data

The information available on the portal is the result of calculations based on publicly available information, so the owner does not accept responsibility for the accuracy, actuality or quality of the information available on the portal. The information is for informational purposes only and may only be used for personal and non-commercial use. All data in the credit rating were taken from publicly available records, primary and secondary databases. The owner is not liable for any possible damage, direct or indirect, caused by the user using the information on the portal.

Certificate of Excellence

Certificate of excellence is a one-sided document issued by the owner on behalf of the portal, based on the user's order, if the same, regardless of the grade of excellence over A. Issue of a certificate of excellence is charged.

A credit rating of excellence is a credit rating of a particular economic entity, calculated by the owner on the basis of internationally recognized statistical methodologies (a legal entity is assessed over a longer period, using several criteria: eg ability to pay, credit, indebtedness, etc.).

A certificate of excellence, as such, does not guarantee companies any financial benefits. The benefits of having a Certificate of excellence are first and foremost in gaining a reputation and trust in the business world.

Companywall Business application compatibility

Companywall business works best in Chrome, Edge and Mozilla because of the advanced Internet technologies, we also recommend that your browser be upgraded to the latest version for smooth operation and display of data.

We do not advise you to use Internet Explorer because it has not been updated since 2015 and does not support the technologies required by Companywall business to run smoothly ". 

Use of a password and ethical use of the portal

The password assigned to the user is confidential and is not intended to be shared with other users. The password may only be used by an authorized user, unless otherwise agreed by the user and the owner.

In the case of misuse, the owner reserves the right to immediately revoke his password and username.

All users, by registering on the portal, undertake the ethical use of the portal.

Technical assistance

The owner provides technical assistance in case of problems with registration, use or other problems, by calling +44 738 7876 431 or e-mail

Technical assistance is available every working day from 8am to 4pm.

Ordering full access to the portal

Ordering full access to the portal is possible by contacting the owner on the numbers +44 738 7876 431, on the e-mail address or independently registering on the portal, whereby the owner himself contacts the user.

A possible option for ordering is that the owner himself contacts potential prospective users without their prior registration to the portal, based on publicly available contact information.

The full access accounting period is 12 months (one year). Extension of the accounting period after the expiration thereof shall not be performed automatically unless the user and the owner agree otherwise.

In the event of non-payment, the owner may revoke the user's right of access to the portal. In this case, the owner may charge the user, in addition to the amount of the account, the appropriate default interest and the costs incurred.

To extend access, upon receipt of the email and clicking on "I agree to the terms of service", the user agrees to purchase the service for the specified period. After confirming your purchase, you will automatically receive an invoice for your purchased service at your mail address.

Dispute settlement

The user and the owner will settle any disputes that might arise from the services provided by the portal in a peaceful manner. In the event that they cannot agree, the dispute will be settled before a competent court in London. 

Validity of general conditions

The General Terms and Conditions are effective from March 18, 2016 and are valid until their cancellation, which will be published on the portal and sent to e-mail to all registered users.

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