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We strive to allow you to work smoothly and transparently because with our services you can borrow more easily. CompanyWall business certification is your ticket to enter the business market, if you are relatively unfamiliar, because investors rely on ranking ratings rather than “name recognition”. Good credit rating is the best marketing tool for your company.

By applying modern methods, we meet the demanding needs of the market, but also those individual and specific needs of clients, with the aim of improving intellectual capital, business performance, profitability, liquidity and business productivity in the UK.

We help the development of the financial market in the UK on a daily basis, while by classifying clients into credit rating classes, we minimize business risks for different business entities and make it easier for investors to understand the credit risks of different debtors.

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CompanyWall business

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Enrich your business data

At any time, with a simple approach, you can find out which entities are interested in your business activities by reviewing the available data about your company. All information is presented in a simple and clear way , and is invaluable for quick business decisions with minimal risk .

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CompanyWall Web - API

The API interface is a set of routines, protocols, and tools for building software applications. Basically, the API determines how software components should communicate . In addition, the API is used to program the components of the graphical user interface (GUI) .

The API, known as the application programming interface, is an integration link between third-party platforms for applications to access their features and services.

In other words, the API delivers your request for information to the operating system and then returns your response.

For example, when you run the API authorization process and want to access another application, such as Dropbox, the API will allow another application such as Word Online to access the Dropbox file for editing.

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CompanyWall proizvodi - API
Bonitetna ocena CompanyWall

Credit rating

A set of standardized data that covers the complete business of a business entity

Financial assistant of the credit rating company CompanyWall

Financial assistant

Complete insight into the company’s financial data in order to distinguish reliable partners from unreliable ones

Bonitetni izveštaj CompanyWall

Creditworthiness rating report

Simple and precise insight into the most important data regarding company's business

Certificate of creditworthiness excellence - CompanyWall Business

Certificate of credit excellence

Certificate of the credit rating agency CompanyWall on the success of the company and its safe operation