What is WEB API application?

Each day, tens of thousands of trillions of megabytes of data are being produced - which can cut both ways. On one side, it means a great deal of opportunities for gathering information coming from different sources, whereas on the other side it creates an informational chaos preventing you from getting the data with a beneficial impact on your business.

CompanyWall Business portal clients have a customized Web API software at their disposal. This software enables you to download data from the portal along with the appropriate documents. We integrate data into your CRM – Customer Relationship Management system.

Web API enables you to manage reliable, simple and fast records of your clients even in the most demanding business processes. Data collection is tailored to individual customer requirements. Data can be downloaded in the following formats: CSV, XML, JSON, TXT. Web API software enables 24/7 problem – free data transfer. Your system is updated as soon as new data are available.

Using Web API software enables you to collect data in a more efficient manner as the software integrates multiple sources into one application. Updated data are available thanks to an automated tracking system, and all the relevant processes are easily integrated directly into the systems.

Web API software enables you to collect data in a more efficient way

Available data

Data Slovenia Croatia Serbia Montenegro Bosnia And Herzegovina Frequency of data updates

Basic informations

Company short name Every day
Company long name Every day
Company address Every day
VAT Every day
Registration number Every day
Date of establishment Every day
Company status Every day
Taxpayers Every day
Business activity Every day
Size of the enterprise Every day
Registration entity Every day
Capital source Every day
People and their positions in a company Every day
History of changes Every day
Shareholders Every day
Contacts, Phone, E-mail, Fax Every day

Additional information

Bank accounts Every day
Bank accounts blockades Every day
History of bank accounts and their statuses Every day
Debt bills Every day
Financial leasing Every day
Financial loans Every day
Export/Import statistics Every month
Bank accounts in other countries Every day
Ownership structure Every day
Branches Every day

Financial information

Bilance sheet Once a year
Profit and loss sheet Once a year
Indicators Once a year
Credit rating Once a year
Number of employees Once a year

Special information

Bankruptcy sale ads Every day
Insolvency reports Every day
Court hearings Every day
Public procurement information Every month
All transactions to tax oasis Every month
List of countries regarded as tax oasis company is doing transactions to Every month
Transactions to specific company from public bank accounts Every month
Information if company regularely submits financial reports Every day
Information about tax debt Every week
Information if company regularely pays it's employees Every month
Property registry Every month
Access to land registers of the Republic of Croatia Every day
Bonitetna ocena CompanyWall

Credit rating

A set of standardized data that covers the complete business of a business entity

Financial assistant of the credit rating company CompanyWall

Financial assistant

Complete insight into the company’s financial data in order to distinguish reliable partners from unreliable ones

Bonitetni izveštaj CompanyWall

Creditworthiness rating report

Simple and precise insight into the most important data regarding company's business

Certificate of creditworthiness excellence - CompanyWall Business

Certificate of credit excellence

Certificate of the credit rating agency CompanyWall on the success of the company and its safe operation